MasseyHacks VII

Thanks for another great season!
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Canada's oldest high school hackathon

MasseyHacks is a high school hackathon where 150+ students of all skill levels gather to learn, create, and experience something amazing. Over this 36-hour event, you will find seasoned mentors to learn from, lively activities to take part in, and a plethora of workshops to discover! Complete with three main learning streams based on your hacking experience, MasseyHacks is a place to explore the world of computer science and technology.


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students have attended

Learn something new.


Create something incredible.

Compete to win prizes.


Create a COVID-19 hack.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be having a special category prize for hacks that best addresses the following:

Supporting those at risk
Assisting those working remotely
Facilitating awareness

Part of the 7WC.

MasseyHacks is operating in partnership with the Vincent Massey 7 Week Challenge, a unique opportunity for students to discover the many facets of computer science.   Check it out ➜

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The MasseyHacks VII transparency report is available here.